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Zoom Individual One-Night-Only Volume Lashes
Zoom Individual One-Night-Only Volume Lashes

Individual One-Night-Only Volume Lashes

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Why this product is loved...

D/Q’s One-Night-Only Individual Volume Lashes enhance your own natural eyelashes with perfectly tapered fluffy tips that are flawlessly-fanned to create a dreamy volume lash effect. The flat, horizontal-base camouflages into the lash line to be virtually unseen.

Key features

  • Naturally delicate
  • Fluffy and tapered
  • Subtle horizontal base
  • Super-lightweight
  • Five sizes available
  • Versatile to create a variety of effects 


Individual lash fillers that are naturally delicate with a horizontal-base to blend seamlessly into the lash line for a buildable volume effect.

~ 7mm mini | under

~ 8mm petite

~ 9mm intermediate

~ 10mm lengthy

~ 12mm grand

How to Use

Coat the horizontal-base of the individual lash with temporary strip lash adhesive, place the lash within gaps of your own eyelashes, resting upon your natural lash line so that this bonds unnoticeably. Repeat until desired effect is achieved.

Available in five sizes; use a mixture of all to establish the perfect lash fan, vary the layout of the lash sizes to enhance different eye shapes, layer lashes for a thicker, fuller finish or simply use the odd lash in the outer corners for a subtle enhancement.

To remove, use an eye makeup remover and gently tease the lashes away.


Premium silk synthetic lashes.

100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly

Individual One-Night-Only Volume Lashes



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