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Zoom Luxe Makeup Brush Set - The Blending Collection
Zoom Luxe Makeup Brush Set - The Blending Collection
Zoom Luxe Makeup Brush Set - The Blending Collection
Zoom Luxe Makeup Brush Set - The Blending Collection

Luxe Makeup Brush Set - The Blending Collection

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Why this product is loved...

The Luxe Make Up Brush Set is almost too aesthetically stylish to use! However keeping them purely for ornamental purposes would be a real waste of the indulgently soft and exceptional quality brush materials. The Blending Collection has everything you need to achieve seamless makeup application.

Key features

  • Set of ten high quality make up brushes
  • Champagne and Rose Gold design
  • Encased in a gold roll brush holder
  • Ultra-soft, shed-resistant, silk-synthetic bristles
  • Dense proportion of bristles for effective product distribution
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Worth £65 individually


The Luxe Powder Buff Brush - a large, velvety soft buffing brush

The Luxe Airbrush Complexion Brush - an ample tapered brush for blending foundation

The Luxe Coverage Complexion Brush - a smaller tapered brush to increase coverage in every contour of the face

The Luxe Angled Contour Brush - for precise placement ideally below the cheekbones to assist with contouring

The Luxe Flat Contour Brush - a kabuki-style brush for detailed chiselling

The Luxe Concealer Brush - a soft round-headed brush for blending under eyes and over blemishes

The Luxe Highlight Brush - a flat-topped precision brush for buffing in either liquid or powder highlight for that ultimate glow

The Luxe Blending Brush - a soft buffer brush for seamless blending

The Luxe Shadow Brush - a petite eye makeup application brush

The Luxe Colour Press Brush - tightly packed bristles for high impact colour application 

How to Use

Use with a light pressure and minimal product to build coverage; a dabbing, pressing technique will distribute product, a circular buffing motion will blend, a sweeping motion will create shape.

To preserve your D/Q Luxe Make Up Brush Set and keep them in tip-top condition wash your brushes at least once per week using gentle shampoo, pure olive oil soap or baby oil for more persistent make up:

  1. Keeping the bristles of the brush pointing downwards, rinse the brush head in warm water.
  2. Swirl the tip of the brush in your chosen cleaning product (either placed in the palm of your hand or on brush cleaning mat) until it lathers and continue to swirl until all makeup is removed.
  3. Rinse the brush head again to remove all detergent, keeping the brush head facing downwards to avoid water/ product seeping into the brush ferrule.
  4. Squeeze out the excess water from the bristles.
  5. Groom the brush head back into its original shape and leave on a flat surface to air dry thoroughly before using again.

Top Tips...

  • For more persistent make up such as cream based, highly pigmented and/or waterproof products, dip the tip of the brush in baby oil and swirl over a tissue to help to break down the product. Following this, shampoo the brush as normal to then remove the oil residue (Step 1 to 5 above)
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemical solutions to clean your brushes as this can damage the texture of your brushes resulting in the loss of that  high-quality, velvety softness.
  • Avoid submerging the entire brush in water as this will corrode the ferrule over time which would result in deterioration of your brush head and potentially bristle-loss!
  • Always dry your brushes horizontally or where possible facing downwards to avoid moisture seeping into the ferrule of the brush causing corrosion as above.


 Highest quality and density silk-synthetic bristles

Luxe Makeup Brush Set - The Blending Collection



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