Zoom Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes
Zoom Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes
Zoom Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes
Zoom Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes
Zoom Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes
Zoom Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes

Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes


Why this product is loved...

Seeking lashes that enhance your natural beauty whilst being equally ethically beautiful? Look no further!

Key features

  • Faux-mink designed to emulate real hair
  • Cruelty free
  • Tapered, wispy ends
  • Supreme quality
  • A variety of styles for different eye shapes and occasions
  • Ultra realistic and lightweight
  • Reusable with care


Realistic 3D soft and silky synthetic eyelashes that are 100% cruelty free!

NATURAL DQ5-42XC - with a clear band and a light, uniform and feathery lash pattern this style of lash is perfect for a subtle enhancement

FINE DQ3-F007 - long and wispy for a fluttery effect with a clear lash band to be able to be used in a natural way

VOLUME DQ5-HD031 - this style is the ideal length and thickness to create the sought after volume effect, with a black cotton band to blend effectively with your eyeliner

FULL DQ3-15CB - everyone wants full, luscious lashes and this style offers exactly that with a black cotton band to add depth to your lash line

GLAM DQ3-D25 - stunningly glamorous but by no means fake, this style offers ultimate glamour with beautiful realism

How to Use

For the perfect fit, check the length of your chosen set of Supreme Faux-Mink Strip Lashes against your lash line. If they're too long, trim down gradually from the outer edge. Brush through your natural lashes with mascara to help blend the strip lashes with your own eyelashes more effectively. Carefully apply a small amount of strip lash adhesive along the band of the strip lash. Allow the adhesive to go tacky before placing the strip as close as possible to the roots of your own eyelashes. Aim for the centre of your lash line and then work outwards to adhere both edges securely. Coat your bottom lashes with mascara to stop them sticking to your newly applied strip lashes, and enjoy!

These lashes are reusable approximately 20 - 30 times, providing you remove them with care after each use. Keep them clean and store them back in shape in the original packaging.


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